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I walk into Taste probably once a week. My favorite spot in town for breakfast. I love rolling in after a mountain bike ride and sitting down with a cup of coffee, a glass or nine of water and a breakfast sammie! Thanks!

Every time I’ve eaten there I’ve been impressed with the freshness of everything. And the pastries are amazing!

Delectable pastries and outstanding capuccino. I am currently obsessed with their Bear Claws–absolutely heavenly made with an almond paste combined with poppy seeds. The pastry is luscious. Staff is always friendly. There are also some wonderful lunch items to go in the refrigerated case: chicken and kale salad, broccoli crunch salad, always some kind of cold noodle salad and some special kombuchas too. A great spot to have lunch or coffee with a friend or to grab a few picnic items and hit the trails.

Now the service is getting up to the quality of the baked goods. Best baked products outside of Paris!!

Best place in Fairfax. A bit (OK a lot) more chic than the typical small-town, “family friendly style” eateries here. Their lattes are great and come in proper latte mug/bowls :). Their food menu is unique and tasty, and their pastries are to die for. It is the only place I have ever gone back to specifically to have another one of their pastries. The kouign amann is the best bit of baked dough and sugar I have ever tasted in my life. The sugar is just perfectly sticky and caramelized in all the right parts. So so good.

I was having a rough day and couldn’t decide what to get. The woman at the counter made me feel as if she had all the time in the world and happily explained her favorites. The extra nice customer service was really appreciated today.


They have the BEST sort of banana-bread here, better than anything i’ve tasted like it. I think it has a banana-bread base, but it’s far more moist and full of other wonderful ingredients, so that each bite is a little adventure in the mouth. For example, there’s dried cherries, which are moist, and little chia seeds! And i think pumpkin seeds? Or sunflower? Anyway, it’s just to die for. I think it’s gluten-free, if that matters to you. The other pastries here are lovely, but this is my favorite for sure.
It’s lovely inside too, and they make the coffee by the cup…